Top 6 Websites to Earn Free Crypto Rewards

List of Websites to Earn Free Crypto Rewards

As the crypto market expands, so do websites to earn free crypto rewards.

Everyone enjoys getting things for free, especially if it has potential value.

Getting free cryptocurrency is never a terrible idea, regardless of whether you’re seeking a low-cost way to enter the cryptocurrency market or you simply want to increase your portfolio.

In an effort to attract new users, many crypto-based businesses and platforms are giving away free cryptocurrency. 

Here’s how you may benefit from these offers and get some free cryptocurrency right now.


List of Websites to Earn Free Crypto Rewards

1. BlockFi Savings Account

You could be making passive income from cryptocurrency if you’re just holding it and not using it. 

BlockFi offers cryptocurrency savings accounts with a monthly interest payment of 8.6% yearly compounded interest. You can receive interest payments in USD, Bitcoin, or Ether tokens. 

The weekly withdrawal limit of 100 BTC is very substantial and considerably exceeds the requirements of the majority of lenders.

Although there is a gap risk, Gemini, one of the most strictly regulated cryptocurrency organizations in the world, insures your money. 

BlockFi is one of the simpler platforms to use, so it can be a decent option if you’re hesitant to dip your toes in the water.

Click here to get started


2. Coinbase Earn

Coinbase Earn is the simplest method to begin generating cryptocurrency rewards on Coinbase. in return for being taught the fundamentals of some cryptocurrencies.

How do learning rewards work? It’s in 3 easy steps:P 

Step 1: Watch videos: This is to educate you about various cryptocurrencies and how they work.

Step 2: Complete the test:  After each tutorial, you’ll take a brief quiz to see how much you’ve learned.

Step 3: Earn money: For every question you pass, you’ll receive cryptocurrency in Coinbase.

Sounds great? Click here here to start now.


3. Freecash

Users of are paid in real cash money as well as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. Users can easily earn $100 or more every month by using, and the sign-up process is straightforward. Simply complete surveys on various businesses, and the site will pay you in the currency of your choice. 

The top earners on Freecash make over $1,000, but it takes a lot of work to earn this much free cryptocurrency.

Users may often anticipate making $1 per 5 to 10-minute offers and instantly cash out to cryptocurrency, gift cards, and PayPal. 

The gamified design makes it easy to use for users by incorporating elements like the daily and monthly leaderboard, a live community chat panel, and an intuitive user interface. 

Click here to start earning 


4. CoinMarketCap 

CoinMarketCap offers a similar learn and earn program, however, it surpasses Coinbase because it offers quizzes to test your understanding. 

Additionally, qualifying is not enough; you must receive a perfect score of 100% in order to receive free cryptocurrency. There can be certain assignments connected to your course.

Sadly, CoinMarketCap also prohibits participation from a number of the mentioned countries (See all countries here).

Do not forget that this program runs on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Therefore, the tokens will only be given to the candidates up until the predetermined distribution amount runs out.

Click here to sign up


5. eToro

eToro is an excellent way to obtain free cryptocurrency whether you already have cryptocurrency investments or have some extra cash you’d want to invest. 

The exchange platform provides new investors a $10 sign-up incentive, but in order to take advantage of the offer, you must deposit and trade $100. 

However, the $10 incentive is fantastic and may be used to purchase more than a dozen various cryptocurrencies on the platform.

eToro is a fantastic choice for new investors because it allows users to invest in professionally managed portfolios. 

Due to the exchange’s reputation as one of the most secure cryptocurrency exchanges, over 20 million users have confidence in it with their money. 

eToro is the ideal choice for new investors because it makes it easy to purchase Bitcoin. On the platform, you can buy Bitcoin using a bank account and do lots more.

Click here to get started


6. Coin Hunt World

Coin Hunt World is a potentially entertaining game and a unique method to earn some additional cryptocurrency for free. However, you must go into it realistically and without having high expectations for your income.

You can win several cryptocurrencies by playing the smartphone game in the  Coin Hunt World.

You can win several cryptocurrencies by playing the smartphone game in the  Coin Hunt World. If you’ve played Pokemon Go before, then this game will be very familiar because, in order to get something out of this app, you will have to walk around town

To help you to understand the fundamentals of what Coin Hunt World provides, watch this below:


7. Brave Rewards

You can earn tokens just for browsing. Use them for almost anything e.g cash gift cards, crypto. 

On most browsers, the Internet is a sea of data-sucking ads.

They slow websites down, interrupt your flow, and chase you all over the web. But what choice is there?

Creepy ads are just the “price” of being online, right? Not anymore.

By default, the Brave Browser rips out all the creepy ads & trackers from every web page you visit.

Then it gives you the choice to see Brave Private Ads.

If you do, you get rewarded with Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). 

What can you do with BAT?

You can do almost anything with it. Collect them like frequent flyer points, and exchange them for cash-value gift cards.

Use it to tip websites & content creators. Store and swap like any other crypto asset in your crypto wallet.

Save, earn interest, and pay with Gemini Earn & Gemini Pay. Buy NFTs. Or make in-app purchases in Web3 DApps.

BAT is flexible, transferable, and oh-so-easy to use.


8. LunarCrush

LunarCrush is a social intelligence platform that offers customers real-time metrics for cryptocurrencies.

This is based on activity monitored across social media platforms, cryptocurrency exchanges, influencers, and other sources. 

The information is subsequently reduced to concise, palatable forms, such as sentiment analysis, social dominance, volume, and important market metrics.


How to Earn Lunr Tokens

As users participate, interact, and carry out tasks on LunarCrush, they earn points. 

Each day’s total points earned are added up at the end, and a fixed daily pool of 65,000 Lunr is divided among all users who earned points that day. 

Each user’s share of the total Lunr gained that day and over time is determined by their proportional contributions.

  • Daily bonus points for the first 5 activities of the day
  • Spend time on the site or app, up to 60 paid minutes per day
  • Give up to 30 opinions per day (voting in polls)
  • Holding Lunr balance gives a bonus multiplier for earning points
  • Inviting new users gives a bonus multiplier for earning points
  • (get 5 points on signing up if you use this link)

Click here to sign up 


9. Presearch

Presearch is an open, decentralized search engine that gives community members Presearch Tokens in exchange for their usage, participation, and platform promotion.

25 PRE tokens are being airdropped by Presearch to new users. To receive the tokens, register an account with Presearch. 

You receive an additional 25 PRE for each referral who registers using your link and accrues 50 PRE on the platform. Earn 0.25 PRE for each platform search, with a daily cap of 8 PRE.

Step-by-Step Guide:

Step 1: Visit the Presearch registration page.

Step 2: Submit your details and signup.

Step 3: You will get 25 PRE tokens.

Step 4: Earn an extra 0.25 PRE for every search done on the platform up to 8 PRE per day.

Step 5: You also earn 25 PRE for every referral who signup using your link and earns 50 PRE on the platform.


10. Crypto Cashback

In order to provide a prepaid Visa card with a cashback incentive, and Visa have teamed up. 

You can earn the coin MCO by making purchases through the program.

Depending on the number of MCO tokens you stake on the platform, the platform offers several tiers of incentives.

The program provides 1%–5% cash back on all purchases, which is a lot more than most debit cards offer. 

10% cash back is offered on Expedia and Airbnb purchases, and 100% cash back on Netflix and Spotify subscriptions can be credited to your account.

To get started with this, click here.



Endeavor to watch out for scams. For many people, the words “get free crypto reward” alone sound like a scam. 

If someone messages you out of the blue for you to get free crypto money, there is a high chance it is a scam. 

However, the above methods are quite safe because they use some of the best, most-trusted platforms in the crypto space.

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