Transfer without
any restrictions

You have full control of your assets and money when you use Instance. You can do what you want, where you want, and when you want it. Integrate our simple API to your website or application and start accepting payment globally in crypto.

Transfer locally and
around the world

On Instance, we make it easy to send money across borders. We make it easy for you to do whatever you want with your money &  assets.

Instant credit

Transfer locally and globally with the beneficiary getting instant value.

No cap on transfer

No limit to any amount you want to transfer, locally or globally.

Multiple transfer option

Send money locally, globally, to a crypto wallet, to email, to QR, or via an NFC card.

Send money to
email address

You can send money to anyone through their email address, even if they are not an Instance user. Sending money through Instance is effortless. Any amount of money can be sent anywhere in the world for a flat fee of $0.15 to $0.3.

Transfer to other
crypto wallets

Instance works with other cryptocurrency exchanges. You can spend crypto just like you would spend money from your bank account anywhere in the world. We take the complexity out of cryptocurrency and make it easy for you to send money to anyone, anywhere. 

Local withdrawals &
third-party receivals

With our global network of offline Exchangers, you can travel to anywhere in the world and withdraw in their local currency. Also, you can have your friends fund your Instance wallet using our Receive Money feature.

Ready to get started?

Grow your income with Instance today

Send and receive money from anyone, anywhere.

At Instance, we are a provider of payment infrastructure your business need to be interoperable and scale globally with ease. We are dedicated to facilitating global financial inclusion by connecting all wallet providers together to create a more inclusive global payment ecosystem.

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