One Instance account,
withdraw globally

Instance gives you the ability to create multiple wallet, withdraw your funds from anywhere around the world, and spend effortlessly. Get access to all your funds in one place

Create any wallet

You have the ability to create any wallet of your choice in your preferred currency – NGN, USD, GHC, ZAR, GBP, etc.

Withdraw from anywhere

No matter which country you visit, you can effortlessly withdraw your funds in the local currency without any hassle.

One wallet for all

You don’t have to manually swap between currencies. We handle the seamless conversion for you. Spend with ease.

Payment is borderless, so is withdrawal

Withdraw your money from anywhere in the world. If payments can be sent across borders, so can your money be withdrawn anywhere with ease.

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Grow your income with Instance today

Send and receive money from anyone, anywhere.

At Instance, we are a provider of payment infrastructure your business need to be interoperable and scale globally with ease. We are dedicated to facilitating global financial inclusion by connecting all wallet providers together to create a more inclusive global payment ecosystem.

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