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As a Liquidity Partners you can put your money to work while earning commissions on your capital. While using your funds for local transactions settlement we pay you commission on transactions each time your capital is engaged. Learn More

Our Business Model

As we make global payment easy for all, we use distributed network of exchangers across different countries to facilitate local payment. This often requires intermittent liquidity to process this transaction locally. We use funds of liquidity partners to meet up with the high demand in transactions liquidity flow. 

Why join us?

High Returns

Earn up to 0.8% on all transactions carried out by users

Full Access to Liquidity

Gain full access to all your liquidity and process more transactions

Regular Returns Schedule

Returns can be paid quarterly, every 3 months

Special Offerings

You are first to know about other growth opportunities

“Being a liquidity partner to Fuspay technology helps us to scale and expand our payment operations globally.”

Avis Charles

CEO @ Fuspay

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At Instance, we are a provider of payment infrastructure your business need to be interoperable and scale globally with ease. We are dedicated to facilitating global financial inclusion by connecting all wallet providers together to create a more inclusive global payment ecosystem.

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