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As a merchant on IntraPay, once you login to your account, change your online status and we will start sending you transaction requests. The faster you attend to orders the more transactions we send your way. To automate your order processing, we have made it possible for you to set up automatic payment for all withdrawals via API integration.

For  Business

For business and payment companies with existing payment infrastructure in your country, you can facilitate automatic payment processing by joining our ecosystem of payment partners supporting our network.

for Individuals

With your phone and internet, you can earn up to $1,000 monthly as commissions fulfilling orders on IntraPay.

The more orders you close, the more commission you earn, and the higher your chances to get more orders. The ball is in your court always.

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Intrapay is  designed for global audience. 

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Performance driven

To make  transactions quick and accurately processed, we adopted a performance-driven system enabling Exchanger Behaviour  used to determine the commission they get and the number of transactions routed to them.

Seamless processing

With Intrapay, end users have moved away from the hassles and trust issues of P2P transactions. Our network of Exchangers allows users to transfer funds to family and friends across the globe.


Team members

The Team feature allows you to add new members and assign roles to them, including Accepting Transactions, Ignoring Transactions, Processing Transactions, Resolving Disputes, and Administering the app. You can set a member as an admin or assign a role to them.

I highly recommend the Intrapay payment processing platform. It is user-friendly and offers high commissions on each transaction processed.

 Lois Peters, CEO QProject

Commission  structure

What makes our 2%

Speed of accepting request 

The faster you accept transactions routed to you, the higher the commission you get. 


per successful transaction

Speed of processing transaction

By quickly processing the transactions you’ve accepted, you earn the maximum commission for the speed of processing.


per transaction

Fee for processing transaction

Accurately processing a transaction earns you the maximum commission.


of every transaction

Intrapay FAQs

Frequently asked questions

What is Intrapay?

Intrapay is a performance-driven payment processing platform that uses a network of trusted exchangers (Payment processor) to remove from users the hassles of P2P transactions.

All a user has to do to fund or withdraw is to click a button on their app.

Our efficient network of exchangers handles the rest.

  •  transfer funds locally & across borders,
  • Save and get a profit of up to  8% on your savings,
  • Spend your crypto currency (USDT) directly from your wallet by using it to pay merchants via our NFC card & feature.
What Apps are presently using the Intrapay platform to drive payment processing?
  • Instance Mobile App – a mobile payment app with E-wallets
  • Qpay – mobile payment with E-wallet
What does it mean that IntraPay is performance driven?

To make sure that our platform is  efficient we have decided to reward exchangers based on their behaviors.

Certain actions on the platform means you earn a higher score and hence get more transactions routed to you. While other  actions lowers  your scores.

Eg. Ignoring/dropping transactions, being online and not processing transactions, and losing disputes.

How does IntraPay work?

IntraPay serves as the backbone for payment processing.

A network of exchangers across different countries get end-user payment request routed to them and they process it.

This system makes global transfers seamless and fast.

In what countries is IntraPay presently?

IntraPay would like to start business by expanding to Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Angola, Togo, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia

Who is an Exchanger?

An Exchanger is a user on the intrapay platform.

Exchangers process the transactions our system rout to them.

How much commission do I earn on IntraPay?

You earn a commission of 1.4 – 2.0% on each transaction  processed; however, the exact amount of commission you earn depends on how efficiently (quickly and accurately) you process transactions.

Do I have to be online to get transactions routed to me?

Yes, you have to be online. Exchangers that are offline don’t get transactions routed to them

What do I do to earn the maximum commission possible?

To earn the most commission, you have to accept transactions quickly, process them fast, and complete them accurately.

What is the commision structure of Intrapay?

Our commission structure is divided into 3 major parts:

  • The speed of accepting request which constitute 0.5% of the whole commision
  • The speed of processing request which constitute 0.5% of the whole commission
  • The fee of processing request which makes the bulk of the commission at 1%

Still have questions?

If you can’t find answers to your questions in the FAQ section, you can always contact us. We will get back to you shortly.

How do I fund my IntraPay Wallet?

You can fund your wallet from any third party crypto exchange. All you have to do is copy you wallet address and transfer to it.

You don’t fund your commission wallet. It’s funded by us, which is where your commission accrues

What are the wallets I have on Intrapay?

You have three wallets on intrapay:

  • Capital wallet
  • Commission wallet
  • Insurance wallet
What's the capital wallet?

The capital wallet is the wallet that you use to hold the funds that you use to process transactions

What is the commission wallet?

This is the wallet that holds your commission. Commission can be withdrawn out of the system anytime.

What is the insurance wallet?

The insurance wallet holds an Exchanger’s fund till it is certified that the transaction processed by the Exchanger is complete and without dispute

Why Intrapay Insurance Model?

To guarantee trust, completeness of transactions, and end user satisfaction, Intrapay locks as insurance an amount equal to the amount an Exchanger is processing for a period of 3 days (Grace  Period)

What is the Grace Period?

The grace period is a period of 3 days in which a user can lodge a complaint about a transaction. 

If no complaint is raised in 3 days, it’s assumed the transaction has no issues whatsoever 

Exchangers are paid their commission after the Grace Period

What Crypto Currencies can be used to fund my wallet?

You can only fund your wallet with USDT

Note that all funding should be done using the TRC-20 network

What is the maximum I can fund my wallet?

There is no cap on funding of your wallet. You can fund your wallet with as much money as you want

What is the minimum I can fund my wallet?

The minimum wallet funding value is 10 USDT

What are the wallets that I have on Intrapay? 

The wallets include: 

  • Capital wallet
  • Commission Wallet
  • Grace Period
  • Fund 
  • Withdraw
  • Insurance
  • Locked Insurance fund 
  • Dispute
  • Team 
  • Pool

Still have questions?

If you can’t find answers to your questions in the FAQ section, you can always contact us. We will get back to you shortly.

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Ready to get started?

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