How do I fund my IntraPay Wallet?

You can fund your wallet from any third party crypto exchange. All you have to do is copy you wallet address and transfer to it.

You don’t fund your commission wallet. It’s funded by us, which is where your commission accrues

What are the wallets I have on Intrapay?

You have three wallets on intrapay:

  • Capital wallet
  • Commission wallet
  • Insurance wallet
What's the capital wallet?

The capital wallet is the wallet that you use to hold the funds that you use to process transactions

What is the commission wallet?

This is the wallet that holds your commission. Commission can be withdrawn out of the system anytime.

What is the insurance wallet?

The insurance wallet holds an Exchanger’s fund till it is certified that the transaction processed by the Exchanger is complete and without dispute

Why Intrapay Insurance Model?

To guarantee trust, completeness of transactions, and end user satisfaction, Intrapay locks as insurance an amount equal to the amount an Exchanger is processing for a period of 3 days (Grace  Period)

What is the Grace Period?

The grace period is a period of 3 days in which a user can lodge a complaint about a transaction. 

If no complaint is raised in 3 days, it’s assumed the transaction has no issues whatsoever 

Exchangers are paid their commission after the Grace Period

What Crypto Currencies can be used to fund my wallet?

You can only fund your wallet with USDT

Note that all funding should be done using the TRC-20 network

What is the maximum I can fund my wallet?

There is no cap on funding of your wallet. You can fund your wallet with as much money as you want

What is the minimum I can fund my wallet?

The minimum wallet funding value is 10 USDT

What are the wallets that I have on Intrapay? 

The wallets include: 

  • Capital wallet
  • Commission Wallet
  • Grace Period
  • Fund 
  • Withdraw
  • Insurance
  • Locked Insurance fund 
  • Dispute
  • Team 
  • Pool

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