Instance Conclude Beta Testing Process For Fintech Product Ahead Of Launch

No doubt that beta is a crucial part of any software development process. It allows companies to gather feedback from real users, identify and fix bugs and other issues before launching their product to the public.
This is why our company, Instance, (Registered as Fuspay Inc., Delaware, USA) a financial solutions organization, recently embarked on the journey of engaging beta testers for our newest product, Instance App.

The process of Beta testing helped our developers in collecting feedback from users, which was utilized to enhance the product prior to its release. By attentively listening to user feedback and integrating it into the final product, our developers were able to deliver an improved user experience optimized to achieve customer satisfaction and foster loyalty.

The testing process was divided into sessions that spanned three days. Here’s how the process went;

Identifying Beta Testers

The first step in beta testing is identifying beta testers. The team at Instance reached out to a group of potential users who had shown interest about the product, Instance. They also reached out to a few industry experts who could provide valuable insights into the product’s functionality.

Briefing the Beta Testers

Once the beta testers were identified, they were briefed about the product and its intended use. They were also given access to a demo version of the software and a set of instructions on how to use it.

How the Instance App Beta Testing Sessions Were Conducted

The beta testing process was divided into three sessions, each spanning a day. The testing process was carefully planned to ensure that all aspects of the software were thoroughly tested.
During the first session, beta testers  —who numbered up to 200— were asked to explore the software’s user interface and provide feedback on its design and functionality. They were asked to report any bugs or glitches that they encountered during their testing.
The second session focused on the software’s core functionalities. Beta testers were given specific tasks to complete, and their interactions with the software were closely monitored. They were asked to provide feedback on the software’s speed, accuracy, and overall usability.

In the third and final session, beta testers were asked to test the software’s scalability and performance. A simulated environment to test the software’s response to large volumes of data was provided. Beta testers were asked to input a large amount of data and test the software’s response time and accuracy.

Analyzing the Feedback

The team at Instance collected feedback from the beta testers after each session. They analyzed the feedback to identify common issues/concerns that were raised during the testing stage. This feedback was used to further improve on the product. As such, the Instance App is now ready for launch after all issues were tended to.

Beta testers received payment for their excellent work and also a certificate to a testament to their participation.

Fuspay Inc Conclude Beta Testing Process For Newest Product Instance App- Declare It Market Ready

Certificate presented to one of the beta testers

Instance is an all-in-one fintech platform dedicated to facilitating global financial inclusion by connecting all wallet providers together to create a more inclusive global payment ecosystem. Some of its key features include ability for users perform borderless transactions globally ,  save in USD, pay with NFC cards with fast transaction speed and at almost no cost.

Instance is available for download on iOS App Store and Google Playstore.


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