Do I need to perform KYC?
All the details needed to sign up for our platform is your email, and country.
What ID card do I need to submit?
You don’t need to submit any ID card.
How do I create a wallet?

Upon signing up and logging in you get a default wallet. The wallet of the country you used to sign up

To create additional wallets, click on the create wallet icon on the app homepage and select the country of the wallet from the presented country dropdown.

How many different wallets can I create?

You can create wallets from all the countries where we are presently operating. Presently, we operate in about 10 countries.

The include: Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Angola, Togo, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia.

Can I have two different wallets of the same country?

No, you cannot. You can only have one wallet for each country available.

How do I fund my wallet?

Login to the Instance app

  • Click on payment on the home page
  • Click on the fund Icon
  • Input the amount you would like to fund
  • Fund the account details shown to you
  • Upload the payment evidence
  • Submit the request
What are the bank accounts that I can add on Instance?

You can add any bank of your choice. We support all banks.

What's the minimum amount I can withdraw from my wallet?

There is no minimum amount.

What is the minimum amount i can fund my wallet?

The minimum for funding is $1.5 prorated to the local currency rate of the wallet you’re funding

How long does it take for my Instance Wallet to be funded?

Upon uploading your payment evidence, your wallet would be funded in 10 mins.

What are the crypto networks available?

Presently, our crypto (USDT) transfer are done only over the TRON network (TRC-20)

How does Instance Savings work?
  • Savings are specific amount of money deducted from your default wallet into another wallet, the Savings Wallet
  • Instance Savings plans are nicely pre-packaged products that save you the stress of setting up your own savings plans.
  • You can edit your Savings plan mid way. Amount and the interval of deduction can be edited. You might have set up your savings to be 10,000 naira every month, you could decide to change it to 5,000 naira every week.
How many savings plans can I create?

On Instance we have pre packaged you some savings plans to make things easy for you. All you have to do is activate the savings package of your choice.

How many savings plans are on Instance?

There are 3 pre-packaged savings plans on instance:

  • Silver Plan
  • Gold Plan
  • Platinum
How can I setup a savings plan?

All you have to do to setup a savings plan is to choose a savings package and click on fund to activate the savings package of your choice.

Can I edit my savings plan after activating them?

Yes, you can edit the amount you would like to be saving and the interval (Daily, Weekly, Monthly).

When do I start earning returns on my Savings?

Interest is calculated on savings every 24hrs.

What is the highest returns I can earn on my Savings?

You can earn up to 8% per annum on your savings plans

Can I withdraw out of my savings anytime?

Yes, however, if you withdraw from your savings when the withdraw window is not yet available for your Savings plan, you incurr an early savings withdrawal penalty.

Do I incur a penalty for closing my savings plan earlier than the right closing date?

Yes, there is a penalty for closing your savings early. It’s there to discourage you from closing your Savings and not meeting your financial goals.

Still have questions?

If you can’t find answers to your questions in the FAQ section, you can always contact us. We will get back to you shortly.

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