What is Finswich?

Finswich is a switch infrastructure built on blockchain technology designed for both wallets and bank enabling them to interoperably send money to each other globally.

What countries does Finswich cover?

Finswich is a global product; however, presently, we are in 10 African countries: Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Angola, Morocco, Togo

What is Finswich's Model?

FinSwich is self custodian infrastructure that gives you the ability to configure AML policies, Set transaction threshold, limits, and escalation point for what kind of transactions to Quarrantine.

Is FinSwich a Wallet?

Finswich is not a wallet. It’s a checkout built to give your wallet more payment capabilities and making your platform interoperable with other platforms & banks globally.

I already have a wallet in my application. How does FinSwich come in?

With Finswich your existing wallet in your application can do more, Finswich is a wallet checkout that extends the functionality of your wallet giving your users more power and features without rebuilding again

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