Our Vision for the world

We making this happen through our products – Finswich, Instance App, Include App & Intrapay. We are your business partners for global expansion

Our Approach

Fuspay Technology aims to revolutionize the global financial landscape with a focus on three main areas: global financial inclusion, wallet interoperability, and cross-border payments. To achieve this goal, the company has developed a suite of innovative products and solutions.



 FinSwich’s wallet interoperability features also benefits existing wallet providers by expanding their reach and enabling them to tap into new markets. FinSwich offers a range of advanced tools and analytics that will help wallet providers optimize their performance and improve their user experience, ensuring that their business continues to thrive.


Intrapay is tool for processing payment through decentralized exchangers. 

As an Exchanger (payment processor), we designed Intrapay to give you the ability to accept and process funding and withdrawal request on the instance network while getting commission on each transaction processed. There are visual cues that make it easy to understand the status of transactions, countdown timers that hint at transaction perks offered, and a dispute resolution tab that makes it easy to chat with us.


Include App


Fuspay is committed to making financial transactions easy and accessible for everyone, regardless of where they are in the world. Through our Include App franchise model, we’re making it possible for people to start their own fintech business and connect with the larger financial ecosystem for free in less than 2 weeks. This is a game-changer for financial inclusion globally.”

Instance App


“Instance App” is a mobile wallet app that gives users the ability to save, transfer (locally and globally), data and airtime top-up, power, and NFC payment payment.


More importantly it gives you the capabilities to create multiple digital wallets across different countries and ability to withdrawal and perform local transactions in those countries.

Our Values

We’re here to make payment easy

The user

Our main focus is the user. We want to make sure that people can use cryptocurrency even if they don’t know all the complicated terms. We want to make sure users are able to move their money around with ease.


To get people to use it, we’re focusing on giving users a lot of useful tools, like USSD, Bot, Mobile App, Web Version, Network of Offline Crypto Agents, and the ability to withdraw cryptocurrency to any asset in the world. These channels are important.


Instance is the fastest way to send crypto assets anywhere in the world. It can handle more than a million transactions per second. For the number of people who use crypto to grow, it needs to move as fast as traditional finance.


Instance gives you the cheapest way to send crypto assets around the world, no matter what asset you’re sending. Our fees are friendly and better than those of traditional finance.


We make sure it’s easy for you to spend your money anywhere in the world. We created a payment engine that lets users pay for things on the commerce platform with just a tap of their phone.


Your money is safe. We use encryption methods that are up-to-date to make sure that your crypto asset is safe. Our system is built in layers so that the user’s security is paramount.


We give you full control over your cryptocurrency asset. We give you tools that let you make a “Will” to transfer your assets if something bad happens, based on the rules you set.


If you become an approved Exchanger in your country, you can make business opportunities for yourself. You can buy INBT-our utility staking token-to grow your financial portfolio.

The Team

We work to build & grow the impact of Instance on communities around the world. This is to make sure our value proposition to bridge the gap and blur the line between fiat and crypto is ever-evolving.


The Team

We work together to open up countless options for the millions of Users and Exchangers who use our platform. 

Avis Charles

Business & Operations

Inwuae Oshapi Imoagene

Business & Operations

Abuchi Kingsley


Uchechi Ukeje


Ibikunle Samson


Mfon Bassey


Teslim Ayantola

Product Management

David Njoagwuani


Emmanuel Emanovwe


Samuel Balogun Ayomide

Product Design

Jimoh Hassan

Project Management

Olajide Shonuga


Mfon Bassey


Mfon Bassey


Jimoh Hassan

Project Manager

David Njoagwuani

Backend Engineer

Build & grow with us?

Our mission at Instance is to make financial transactions as easy and accessible as possible for everyone. We believe that by providing wallet interoperability through “FinSwich”, and driving wallet app franchising via “Include App”, we can create a more connected financial ecosystem that benefits everyone, from users to wallet providers.

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At Instance, we are a provider of payment infrastructure your business need to be interoperable and scale globally with ease. We are dedicated to facilitating global financial inclusion by connecting all wallet providers together to create a more inclusive global payment ecosystem.

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